Aphra Shemza | Composition X
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Composition X

Composition X




Mixed media


160 x 50 x 50cm


Composition X is part of the Composition series. It demonstrates a sphere within a pyramid within a cube, alluding to Kepler’s Platonic Universe, a Platonic solid model of the solar-centred system, found in his Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596).


The ultrasonic sensors of Composition X, measure the visitors’ distance from the work. According to their location in the space, the LEDs change colour. When collaborating with one another the viewers are able to mix the colours of the LEDs by moving around the piece, this is to instill a community feeling between the participants. As a result of this movement, the viewer is drawn into the centre of the work, which provides a doorway into a three-dimensional infinite illusion seen through mirrored reflection. The viewers’ physical interactivity turns them into active, connected participants and this not only further develops the work but creates it: the closer they get, the more they see. Composition X embraces notions of performativity, dialogue and interchange.


This technique can be used to create bespoke artworks for clients. Please see here for an example that was exhibited in the Shard, London. Please contact the artist for any further information.