Aphra Shemza | Current Climate
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Current Climate


Current Climate




Reclaimed walnut, Ekoply (recycled plastic base), various electronics.


160 x 60 x 60cm

2019, SFASAP

Current Climate is a real-time data visualization piece. Each light represents four different countries in the world; Red = USA, Blue = UK, Orange = India and Turquoise = Denmark, chosen either for the effects that climate change is already having on that country or as a wealthy nation who could be doing more to legislate around the climate crisis. The lights are connected to four news sources from each country and each time climate change is mentioned in the news the lights change accordingly. The piece serves as a reminder that urgent action needs to take place but we are not talking about the issues enough.


View a record of all the news stories the piece has responded to here.


Coding by Tim Murray-Browne.