Aphra Shemza | D2/D3 Hybrid
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D2/D3 Hybrid

D2/D3 Hybrid




Mixed media


125 x 20.5 x 85cm


D2/D3 Hybrid is part of the Diffusor series. Here the artist has recycled a traditional Cat-2 lighting fixture and turned it into an artwork, by adding a bespoke housing and technology. The piece is hybrid in its nature and with the flick of a switch can be sound or distance reactive. When sound reactive it responds to the sound that a viewer creates and also reacts to live or recorded music. When distance reactive the piece picks up the position of the viewer in front of it and adjusts the lights to match their presence creating a kind of game. The work is immediately engaging to a viewer as there is a direct relationship to the sound or movement they are making and the lighting of the piece creating an instant and playful connection between the viewer and the artwork.


This technique can be used to create bespoke artworks. Please contact the artist for any further details.