Aphra Shemza | Heart Beats of Cristal
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Heart Beats of Cristal

Heart Beats of Cristal




Mixed media


160 x 54 x 54cm


The Heart Beats of Cristal was commissioned by Champagne Louis Roederer to celebrate the launch of their new vintage Cristal 2009. Unveiled in October 2016 in the Shargri’La Hotel in the Shard, London the piece was on display until the end of January 2017.


The Hearts Beats of Cristal is an elegant and interactive sculpture that embodies the essence of Cristal 2009 and the family run business of Champagne Louis Roederer. The Heart Beats of Cristal, takes inspiration from the bright personality of Cristal; the lively bubbles of pale gold and amber lights, the crystalline purity and sculpted palate. The repetition of spheres and LED lights comes to life when a viewer is present, casting a gentle movement to emulate an exquisite ‘dance in a glass’. Just as a bottle of Cristal comes to life when it is opened and shared, so does the sculpture in the presence of a viewer.


This technique can be used to create bespoke artworks. Please contact the artist for any further details.