Aphra Shemza | Synphonica 0.1
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Synphonica 0.1

Synphonica 0.1




Mixed media


80 x 75 x 4cm


Synphonica 0.1 is the first in the Synphonica series looking towards creating a large-scale interactive installation entitled Synphonica (Your Composition) in the future. Synphonica 0.1, is a sound reactive sculpture, taking inspiration from the earlier D2/D3 Hybrid. A microphone is embedded within the sculpture and the piece reacts to both the viewer’s sounds and recorded or live music. The sound data is collected and then translated into a sound-scape of glowing LEDs within the bars of the piece. The piece will change from moment to moment creating an entirely unique experience for each viewer. Synphonica 0.1, aims to encourage the passive observer to become an active creator, embracing notions of performativity and dialogue.


This technique can be used to create bespoke artworks. Please contact the artist for any further details.