Aphra Shemza | Totem MK1
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Totem MK1

Totem MK1




Mixed media


240 x 120 x 240cm


​Totem MK1 is sound reactive sculpture; the microphone inside the piece responds to the sound a viewer creates and the sound of the space around it. Each individual Totem pillar represents a different frequency responding to either the high, middle or low ranges, creating a dynamic display of light in response.


Part of the Totem series the piece uses traditional sculpting techniques, organic materials and technology; creating a balance between these conflicting entities. By using the word Totem, the artist creates a spiritual reference fusing the idea of a natural emblem with geometry and creating these monuments for our times. They serve to highlight our connection to one another, technology and the digital world that we find ourselves in today. Looking towards the future and what the possibilities of this hybrid nature could be.