Aphra Shemza | Artist
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Aphra Shemza is a London based multimedia artist exploring the impact and legacy of technology in our world. Working with abstraction, interactivity and light, Shemza combines traditional sculpting techniques with the latest technology to create her work. Shemza’s work is multidisciplinary making reference to Modernism with a renewed optimism.

Solutions for a Sustainable Arts Practice

A project by Aphra Shemza, supported by Arts Council England

Solutions for a Sustainable Art Practice was created in response to the Art Council’s Developing Your Creative Practice Grant. Over the course of the next three months Shemza will undertake an artist development program pursuing a focused investigation into finding practical, sustainable alternatives to the materials she uses to make her work.

Heart Beats of Cristal

As commissioned by Champagne Louis Roederer

The Heart Beats of Cristal was commissioned by Champagne Louis Roederer to celebrate the launch of their new vintage Cristal 2009. It was unveiled in the Shargri’La Hotel in the Shard, London, where the piece was on display until January 2017.

Bespoke Commissions are available

Please contact the artist for more information.